Welcome to The Korean Food Project.  I’m so glad you stopped by.

When I first moved to Korea, I wanted to try out as many different Korean foods as possible, but knowing where and what to eat was a big challenge.  I was eventually able to enlisted the help of a growing circle of local Korean friends, but for a long time I pretty much just walked blindly to many, many Korean restaurants and pointed to the pictures.  By the way, because Korean food is so consistently good, this is not such a bad strategy if you’re willing to give anything a go.

I hope that if you’re visiting Korea for the first time, that you’ll find the information here to give you confidence to try all sorts of different Korean foods and enjoy a most excellent culinary adventure while you’re in Korea.

I set myself I pretty big challenge to eat and video 101 different Korean foods.  You’ll these under the 101 K Food Challenge section.

There’s also some helpful quick guides under the, well named, helpful guide section.

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