We’re going Skiing in Korea!

I’m not much of a snow person, in fact the one time I attempted skiing many years ago, it was pretty much disaster.  I was so nervous to ski down the beginners slope, that I ended up just sitting on the slope and only got up when a small child asked if I was ok since he had skied past me about three or four times already.

But in Korea it seems like everyone goes to the snow over winter and I didn’t want to miss out skiing in the country that hosted the most recent winter Olympics.

Living near Busan, the trip to the snow seemed too far away for a beginner and lets face it, a likely to be incompetent skier.  Then I found out that there is a ski field just an hour away.  It’s too warm in this area to get much snow, but not to worry!  There’s always fake snow!

So over the Luna New Year holiday a group of us including my kids will take this one day ski/snowboard/snow sled tour to Eden Valley Resort from Busan.

I’m confident this ski field will be perfect for beginners and since we’re travelling with Trazy, it should be stress free as they’re sorting out transport, clothing, gear and it even includes a beginner lesson!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m now a Trazy affiliate, if you book a tour through this link, I will earn a small commission.  I think it’s awesome that as a travel blogger, I can earn a tiny amount of revenue from recommending companies that have helped me see more of Korea and had a great time doing it.  Thanks so much for clicking.  It really helps a lot.



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